Fantasy Romances

The Celtic Vixen

Nesta’s family urges the fiery, middle-aged widow to get a new husband to protect the villa, but she can take care of the villa herself. So she picks up her deceased husband’s long sword and joins the15-year-old war leader, Arthur, to battle Saxons. There she meets the dark warrior, Ulfin, who, unknown to Nesta, is

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The Celtic Fox

Aelfrida has to decide whether to stay with him or kill him.Tryffin, a Celtic Prince, searches for and finds his true love, Aelfrida, a saxon slave. There’s one problem…she has sworn a blood oath against him. To save her foster father’s life, Aelfrida’s forced to wed the powerful Prince, who led the war band that

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Moon Goddess Wife

From Welsh myth springs the tale of Rhiannon and Pwyll. Chief Pwyll’s life is changed forever the day Goddess Rhiannon rides pass him on her magic horse. Forbidden romance smolders between the goddess and the chieftain. With the use of an enchanted bag, Rhiannon breaks free of an unwanted betrothal. Happily, she weds Pwyll, but

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Timeless Voyage

Neither centuries that have come and gone nor the seas between us can keep us apart.As the Celtic pirate, Anwen, presses her hard iron dagger against the Roman’s throat, memories of fated lovers, druids and sacrifice, stay her hand. Kaeso is captivated by dreams of the woman he loved in a previous life, the mirror

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