My name is Cornelia Amiri and I’m a creative, multi-published author of 40 books. I’m a great person to work with when it comes to ghostwriting because I’m a good listener and passionate about helping people tell their stories in their own voice.
My other qualifications are:

• Expert Writer – Learned, Developed, And Honed My Writing Skills
• With 18 Years of Professional Experience
• I’ve worked With Traditional and Indie Publishing
• I’ve written 40 published Fiction Books
• I’ve Ghostwritten 1 Nonfiction Memoirs, 1 Business Book, and 1 fiction book.

Memoir Writing: I help you share your impactful stories—your inspiration and life lessons to let others know they are not alone and can overcome the same things you did for a happy productive life

Business Writing: I assist entrepreneurs and corporate leaders in growing their businesses by getting their messages across through copywriting and by sharing their expertise by writing blog post, articles, and business books.

Fiction Writing: Having written 40 published fiction books in my name, I work with you on creating your fiction books.

• I Provide Any Interviews or Research Needed,
• Keep Your Memoir on Theme,
• Provide Three Revisions,
• And, The Finished Manuscript by A Professional Writer, Authored by You And Ready To Move Forward With The Publishing Process Whether Submitting To Publisher, Agent, Or For Self-Publishing.
• Also, I offer a Self-Publishing packet

I’d be glad to chat with you at

Samples of my Memoir, Fiction, and Business ghostwriting are here:

More Samples Can Be Sent On Request