Moonless Night

Hope Swims In the Darkest Seas.
Vevay can’t escape her parents or see her future ending any other way than by dying at their hands. Then hope swims up to her in the form of a seaman. His legs extended in normal fashion from his body, but he has two small fishtails instead of feet, and his forearms are covered in silver scales. But Dylan’s more than a seaman…he’s a god. He understands the pain of not having a mother’s love. Born an unwanted child and a sea creature, his mother, goddess Arianrhod dropped him into the ocean to survive on his own. By helping Vevay face the truth that she bears no responsibility for her parent’s crimes and cruelty, they both have a chance to heal through love, hope, and freedom. But Vevay’s mortal and can’t live with Dylan in the depths of the ocean. And she can’t stay on earth with her parents. The only place he knows where they can be together is Annwn. But what dangers await a lonely sea god and a scared human girl in the home of the gods?