Valkarie Vampire Sword Dancing

Dancing Vampires with talons drawn face the Valkyrie with swords unsheathed… Mordak’s love has become a battlefield.

Tor never expected to run into three voluptuous redheads, much less three gorgeous blondes, who literally drop from the sky. It’s the redhead, Mordak, who catches his eye. The moment Mordak spots Tor, she wants more from him than his blood. She burns for his touch, but before she can enchant Tor, three Valkyrie land in front of him. Mordak is not about to let the Norse blondes fly off with her man.

When Mordak fights the Valkyrie and saves his life, Tor knows she’s the woman for him. But Mordak lives in the fey realm where he can’t go and she promised her sisters she’d never fall in love with a human. Can Tor escape the Valkyrie who want to slay him and win Mordak’s love even though he’s only human?